Guide to become a true expert in anything .

How can you find it yourself?

Most of the people I came across themselves proclaim they are experts. And in fact, they are almost true even.

But the time has changed You need to think expertise from different angles.

The 4 dimensions of expertise.


Here is everybody gets the assumptions wrong and believe themselves as experts.


An English teacher Well versed with Grammar Usages and impeccable ability to teach.

He is an expert,

A copywriter Inborn talent to play with words and create things was never imagined.

Yes, He is an expert.

A web developer,

A designer,

An Architect

A Yoga teacher,

Heeler and all fall into this category.

But most of them sell their service for 100 bucks for an hour and always working, no freedom tide up with Time and location.

(I am not talking about starting an online business don’t get me wrong)


It’s not how talented you are, it’s how well you present matters at the end.

How well you can penetrate into the deep market to the right audience.

How well you can build your brand, How well you can convince the audience that you are worth trying.

Core experts lack marketing skills as they do not care much about Marketing and they even think marketing is a shame and it’s a mean salesman job.


Selling is not a nice guy’s job. so everybody shies away from it.

Or They just are so nice.


Client – Ok I will get back to you.

Nice Expert – Sure Thank you and When can I call you back?

Client – I will call you next week in my free time.

Done The bridge is collapsed.

Selling is an art and science You can’t sell anything merely just asking for sales.

The first step in selling and The right way of selling is –

Separating the current self and desired self.

The second step.

Placing your offer in the vacuum to reach the desired results faster.

But 80 % of marketers do not know it, so they frantically run to sell their services for a Regular price tag like 99 499 or 999 as they believe in the number game.

The one who knows selling will be always working with premiums as they know the market exists for everyone.

What you seek you shall find.

Example A cup Coffee in the Street- 10 INR

Nice Coffee stall -30 INR

Coffee Day – 150 plus tax

IN a five-star Hotel 250 plus tax

(Hey you don’t know how much coffee in Coffee day and 5star

I just pick a random price not from the exact menu guys please excuse me)

But there are buyers for every one

Now how many coffees to be sold for making 1000 Rs?

You can find the differences.

This is the same logic the people who know selling plays.

But core experts do not know this and they just struggle throughout their life.

You need to learn to sell from a mentor no question how talented you are.


Yeh here is the key.

Your worth is decided by your mindset

If you are not convinced by your worth you can’t ask for a fair price.

Even if you ask for a better price your inside will reflect your outside and the sales won’t happen.

The second factor is You can’t ask for more than what you have paid.

Let me explain,

As we all connected digital marketing space,

If you buy a course for $27 and learn the stuff and now you want to sell the knowledge you won’t be charging more than 99 and you won’t feel knowledgeable enough to ask for the thing.

See I am not against $ 27-course sellers it’s your choice to decide your worth.

Whether you know or not every big guy works on their mindset.

The whole training given to Michel Jordan by Tim S Grower was on setting his mindset.

Read the book Relentless


Mindset is not what people post as random stuff on Facebook in 60 words.

It is a scientific approach to harness your cognitive capabilities and you need a mentor to set it.



If not, you need a mentor.

One true expert to teach you the stuff.

And you need mentors along with your journey

And you need a mentor in each passing stage of your journey.

What I mean Suppose I am your mentor,

The strategies I teach you will help only to reach 1 million in sales in a given month.

If you cross 1 million you need to invest in another mentor whose level is different you can’t get results with the strategies, I teach you.

Each zero changes the game.

If you cross 10 million you need a new mentor and the journey continues

The real question is do you have a mentor who walks you the path If not find one.


Jilson K J

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